The Story

In my 15 years of computer programming, back in the city, I rarely heard anyone say “I really enjoyed using that!”. Only once ‘in the wild’ did I organically run into someone who had my software; It was actually right here on the Texada Island Ferry: It was in her purse, but she was never going to see it nor ever use it [flashed inside a wireless hotspot].

In a strange series of events, I found myself living here in Gillies Bay with lots of time, but little money. When The Raven, our favourite and only restaurant closed, it was a very sad day; And I thought “hmmmm…. people are going to be hungry…. I know everyone likes my Spring Rolls…… and my Kimchi is really good! Maybe I’ll just make a small batch and see if I can sell any’.

On my first ferry ride over to Powell River for ingredients, a friend caught wind I was going for Spring Roll Wrappers and handed me money! My first and second Farmers Market, I sold out of Kimchi, both times! People are enjoying it, so I keep doing it! I have since expanded into Dumplings and Wontons and have been experimenting with Indian sweets. Pyro coming soon!

Now I hear things like “MMmm its really good!”, “It tastes really authentic” and “Oh, thats you! I hear your food is delicious!”

Everyone likes eating, apparently; It makes you feel good. LOL

Next Steps

Im excited to take this to the next level! Im moving into the Community Kitchen soon; I’ll be offering fully viable commercial products, shrink wrapped with custom labeling! Woot Woot!

I still love computer programming

In fact, I setup this website myself, with lots of custom tweaks! (I setup websites and sell hosting on the side).