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Dumpling Wrapper Machine

The dough sheeter I bought recently has been a huge improvement over rolling by hand, but Im kicking it up an extra notch! This machine is going to save me even more time. I bought 2 moulds for it, one round and one square. I can’t wait to try it out! I’ll be opening my online store again shortly after it arrives.

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Gyoza King

I haven’t actually made anything from this book yet, but there are so many interesting variations in here. Cheeseburger Gyoza? Yes please lol. As soon as my dumpling wrapper machine arrives from China, I’ll be cooking from this one for a while.

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Commercial Mixer

After 2.5 of covid, Im excited to announce Forest Lake Foods return to the kitchen! We are buying some new equipment to speed up production and lower costs. At the top of my list are hand made pierogis, samosas and taquitos. We will also be moving into the Texada Islands Food Hub Kitchen soon, a proper commercial kitchen.

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“Chinese” Egg Rolls

The Texada market had a recall on all their spring roll wrappers, so I used eggroll wrappers from the GB store instead. The dough is thicker, and of course contains egg. Apparently, The texture will be bubbly when deep fried. The package only had 20 rappers in it, sadly. However, I realized the dough is pretty close to my egg noodle ravioli dough, so I can probably make the wrappers myself next batch! The filling contains bamboo shoots and bean sprouts, unlike my Thai spring rolls.

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Disher Scoops

Another essential kitchen tool that I use is the scoop, also known as a disher. When making dumplings, spring rolls or samosas, these little scoops save a lot of time; mainly because they keep your hands clean! If you use a normal spoon, you will tend to get filling on your hands, which will transfer to the work surface and to the outside of the product. When making 50 to 100+ pieces of something, the extra time needed to periodically clean the surface, clean your hands, and remove unwanted filling from the outside of the product, really adds up.

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Pasta Attachments

There is no way I would make ravioli without these pasta attachments. I am not very good at hand rolling with a pin; I find it very frustrating. The pasta roller takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite fast.

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The Scraper Tool

The scraper tool is the simplest of all the tools I use in the kitchen, yet my favourite and most useful. If you find yourself processing lots of vegetables, the scraper tool will save you a ton of time cleaning up. No joke.