COVID-19 Response

We take the health of our family and community seriously. Forest Lake Foods adheres to standard Food Safety Guidelines. During this time of pandemic, to protect our clients and employees alike, please note the following procedural changes:

Receiving Food

  • Pay online if possible, avoiding any cash transactions.
  • Sterilize all incoming items with Isopropyl alcohol wipes, or submerge glass containers directly in soapy water. Watch this video on Safe Grocery Shopping for more information.


  • Please leave your container returns and/or cash payments on your door step at the time of your scheduled delivery.
  • We will leave your order on your door step, knock or ring, then respect the advised social distancing minimum of 2 meters.


  • Please don’t come to our door. We have a dog; we will know when you are there.
  • Respecting the advised 2m social distancing rule, we will place your order on our steps for you to collect. Please leave any container returns or payments on our steps before you go.

Freezing and Cooking

Warning: Freezing does not kill COVID-19. Quite the opposite: freezing can preserve the virus, intact. For this reason, sterilize all incoming containers, as advised above.

Normal cooking practises kill bacteria and viruses. Follow standard cooking guidelines and always raise the internal temperature of your food to 74°C. (Avoid non-cooked foods during this time)